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    Office Design Trends; What We Expect In 2023 

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      With the start of a new year, businesses worldwide are evaluating and revisiting how they design their offices. The workplace has undergone significant changes over recent years, and we can only speculate what 2023 might bring for office design trends. 

      Companies have had to adopt inventive approaches to creating productive workspaces, from open-plan spaces to communal areas. As well as adapt to the new processes of working from home and integrating hybrid workspaces, without these new offerings, companies are struggling to appease workers, who, since Covid-19 and the global pandemic, expect much more from workplaces and the people in charge, but this is not a bad thing! 

      In this article, written by our team of office design experts, we’ll discuss key office design trends that you should expect in 2023 so that your business is always one step ahead. 

      Flexible Working & Hybrid Space 

      Since the global pandemic and the movement of home working, we predict that a lot more flexible working solutions and hybrid spaces will be needed during 2023; this is because when working from home during the pandemic, office workers have become used to certain comforts. 

      Businesses and office spaces are going to focus more heavily on areas within the office that can be used for a range of reasons, for example, having desks that are called ‘hot desks’, this refers to a desk that multiple people use are different times, this works perfectly for companies who do not have the same team members in every day. Has the time come for you and your business to have an office fit-out service carried out? 

      Finding solutions for hybrid workspaces within the office will be at the forefront of all office managers’ minds; the old-style office that houses rows of desks and compartments has gone, and workers now want flexibility, the ability to move around the office and the ability to get away from one working location within the office. 

      This form of flexible working will be one of the main changes we see moving through 2023. 

      Biophilic Design Elements 

      Again, the design trends we will see moving through 2023 will stem directly from the lockdown periods and different elements of the global pandemic, with the biophilic design coming directly from the ability to spend time out in nature. 

      During the pandemic, we were allowed at one point an hour every day to leave our house and go for outdoor exercise; having our access to nature revoked stemmed a lot of frustration and has transformed into a desire to be around nature as much as possible. 

      Biophilic refers to bringing nature inside; you can add plants, trees and greenery around your office space, providing decoration and offering mental health benefits. You can even use materials such as wood and stone to create small oasis spaces that your employees can enjoy when they need a break from their daily jobs. 

      Collaborative Spaces That Are Open To All

      One of the essential things missed during the pandemic was the ability to work together, bounce ideas off each other and develop projects in groups, so we expect to see the need for collaborative spaces grow. 

      When it comes to collaborative spaces, they need to be thought about in the right way; they need to be acoustically soundproofed but big enough to hold the right amount of people. Team working needs to be done in a welcoming and collaborative space with furniture such as round tables and whiteboards. 

      Getting everyone in the same room working on a project allows for open communication. You can determine who needs to do what and for when; we are confident that collaborative office spaces will be a significant design element during 2023. 

      Open-Spaced Offices Are The Future

      Employers across the country have recognised that employees want open and airy spaces, the times of being sat in a dark office space crowded with desks and computers and division boards have gone! With mental health at the forefront of the workforce, offices will see a shift in design to becoming more open-plan and airy, drawing natural light through the building. 

      If your colleagues are happy and appreciate the space they are given to work in, you are almost guaranteed to have a workforce that will provide you with results. Open, airy spaces that allow for collaborative working, quiet corners and the ability to work without being trapped in an office quad will always benefit. 

      Open-plan offices will undoubtedly be one of the biggest design trends in 2023. 

      Contact Fusion Office Design For More Office Design Trends In 2023

      As we look to the future, there are many office design trends that we predict will become popular over 2023. These include biophilic design, touchless technology, and open-plan spaces with adaptable furniture. 

      By incorporating these trends into your office space, you can create a more efficient and enjoyable work environment for your employees. If you’re interested in learning more about these trends or Office Design in general, contact Fusion Office Design today. 

      We would be happy to help you create the perfect office space for your business. Our team have offered office design services in London for several years; if you are ready to speak to a professional, choose our team today!