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    Office Design Tricks to Increase your Productivity at Work

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      When it comes to design and office fit-outs, our team here at Fusion Office Design have been offering the highest quality service for the last few years, read on to find out ways you can truly make your office productivity increase.

      Increase your Productivity

      Where you work has an enormous impact on how you work, on your ability to focus and your overall ability to be productive. That means the design of your office, whether you work at home or in a larger company environment, is of supreme importance.

      Studies have shown that he most significant factor in determining an employee’s ability to focus is their physical environment. In fact, it’s been said that a well-designed office can increase your productivity about 20%.

      Office Design Tricks to Increase your Productivity at Work


      Lighting is one of the most important factors in staying focused and feeling inspired to create, yet it’s one of the most overlooked and least invested in. Bad lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and overall irritability. Dark spaces can actually produce depression.

      Chairs and Tables

      If you’ve ever sat at a desk to do work but found yourself adjusting, stretching and moving too often to actually stay focused, then you’re aware of the importance of having a correctly fitted table and chair. In today’s work environment where so many of us are sitting for most of our day, it is critical that your throne fits your body probably.


      It’s important to keep your work area clean and clutter free. Clutter may help the creative mind create, but it isn’t necessarily helpful for focus and productivity. Whilst working in a company office you always can’t control the cleanliness of the office at large, do keep your own environment around you clean. Spend 10 minutes every morning or evening making sure things are put away, filed, organised and generally out of sight so you’re not distracted by it later.

      Room Colour

      A colour of a room can have an effect on our moods and brain function, evoking both a physical and emotional response. So choosing the right colours for your works space has the ability to affect your productivity. For instance, it is said that blue has been said to illicit productivity.

      Noise Level

      The noise level in a work environment can vary greatly depending on the size of the team which you work with, the office design and company culture. But make no mistake, the noise around you affects your ability to stay on task. Not only can it be distracting, it can also raise stress levels making your ability to sustain productivity far more difficult.

      Air Quality

      Air quality can drastically affect our ability to focus and think clearly. By working in a company office it’s important to talk about air filters. If there is a way to bring in fresh air whether it’s through windows or doors, arrange to have them open for a portion of the day. If nothing else invest in a person air filter to have on your desk or nearby.

      Different Spaces

      If you can manage it, give yourself more than one space to work from. Putting yourself in a new space with different qualities and things to look at quite literally shifts your brain and helps you stay focused. Many offices offer a variety of environments to work from your personal space, lobbies, break out rooms, conference rooms, kitchens and eating areas and, if you’re lucky, they also provide lounge areas. Use all these spaces to vary your routine.

      Digital Space

      For most people, our primary work is housed within our laptops and our physical environment simply the backdrop to our digital lives. Make sure your computer has software that helps you sculpt the digital environment that best elicits productivity.


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