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    Bespoke Reception Desks

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      Bespoke reception desks are custom made to exact requirements. Whether it’s the unique finish, precise dimensions, layout and organisation of the working setup, or a combination of all three, bespoke reception desks can be made to fulfil any parameter.

      Bespoke Reception desk design benefits from the greater budget assigned to one of the key first impression pieces within an office. Reception desks often use high-end materials including corian, or a mix of finishes, to create visually interesting pieces of furniture within a space large enough to create a strong impression.

      Accent lighting can be incorporated into a reception desk, particularly as LED lamps are readily available, inexpensive, and don’t have the heat output of other lamp types.

      Design of a reception desk usually has a link to the surrounding architecture as well as the branding or image of a business. Often a new reception, and the desk in particular, can capture a new business culture.

      Fusion Office Design offer a design service to create a reception desk, and the reception interior, based on a brief no matter how preliminary. Its our job to turn your ideas into a visual design, or suggest ideas based on the building and business. Our bespoke reception desk design service incorporates ergonomics, cable management, organisational elements such as lanyards and visitor passes. Most desks have elements of access control and security monitoring hardware. Fusion put all the practical requirements into a design brief along with the visual parameters to design a reception desk.

      Corian Reception Desks

      Bespoke Corian Reception Desks, with glass, stone and ceramic elements, are all popular choices, which as you can see here Fusion have used previously as part of a reception refurb project.

      Its crucial when designing a bespoke reception desk to ensure good ergonomics are high on the list of design parameters. Fusion have undertaken detailed studies of reception desk ergonomics to evaluate working height, reach distance, VDU screen placement and other elements of working setup to ensure all out corian reception desks are built to perform as well as to impress.

      Corian and other solid surface materials offer the designer opportunities to create shapes and forms, dramatic angles and curves, without the worry of joints and edges that will be vulnerable to damage or that detract from the appearance. resin surfaces can be repaired and repolished easily, and are available in an ever growing range of colours and patterns. Corian can also be milled using CNC techniques to create backlit illuminated signage within the desk, examples being a logo or graphic. Reception desks using corian also lend themselves to mixing materials such as wood or metal that is a regular part of reception design.

      Contact Fusion Office Design for a brochure on bespoke reception desk design, bespoke manufacturing or to discuss our services and how we can help. For more examples of reception furniture click here to see reception seating.