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Office Breakout Furniture

Office Breakout Furniture

Office Breakout Design

Breakout design does have an achilles heel. When the range of uses is too widely set the primary function of a staff space for day to day is undermined. Defining the purpose of breakout space, be it for staff, for soft meeting and working, or as a multi-purpose zone, will help to focus the design and make the area a success.

If you are looking for something slightly different to office breakout furniture, why not try Office Cafe Furniture? Innovative Cafe Furniture designed to look good, all-the-while incorporating a practical approach.

Office breakout furniture is a key component of the new ways of working and the agile office. Creatively designed breakout seating and furniture designed for breakout spaces supports ‘task based’ work areas, mixed use hubs within the open plan, and alternate work settings to make better use of the freedom that comes with new technology.

Breakout furniture is typically flexible, allowing reconfiguration of the office layout easily and quickly. Once the one desk-one person link is removed breakout furniture becomes the means to facilitate flexing headcount. Creative breakout area design is a hallmark of the new look, balancing the trend to smaller footprint workstations as hardware shrinks in size. Humanizing the office by incorporating a semi-domestic appearance to lounge spaces helps to retain a nurturing element in the otherwise machine-for-living appearance of the contemporary office interior.

Flexible breakout spaces are also multi-purpose, supporting occasional group discussions, team activities and social events, making offices more responsive.