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    Office Screens and Partitions

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      Office screens, often referred to as partitions or dividers, have a number of roles to play. Office screens make use of vertical space for storage, have acoustic and privacy benefits, and create visual definition by adding colour or breaks to large spaces.

      Screen systems can also work as flexible answers to enclosed meeting spaces, with pods being a common occurance for meeting rooms that are moved or that cannot be fixed in a building, for instance in a listed building. Acoustic meeting pods are playing an increasingly lead role in adoption of new ways of working. Pods are much easier to maintain as an unowned space encouraging shorter-term occupation compared to conventional offices.

      Meeting pods for offices can be designed without any ceiling, with a ‘lid’ that is below the office ceiling height, or at ceiling height. The level of acoustic insulation does increase between open and closed versions. From experience the acoustic isolation works both for staff within a pod and also for people working nearby – a two-way benefit.

      The design of acoustic meeting pods varies widely with ranges offering many different appearances, shapes and functionality. Some pods have a hard outer shell, using laminate or moulded materials, aimed at giving protection from passing traffic. Others use soft upholstered facades that are attractive and add to the sound absorption in open plan settings.

      Fusion offer a wide range of meeting pods for offices, screen ranges and partition types. Contact us for more information or click here to see acoustic meeting pods with sprinkler compatibility.

      For clear protective screens to offer a shield on desks and receptions call the Fusion sales office for priority service.