leadforensics 2020 Office Design & Interior Trends & Future Predictions

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    The latest interior office design trends and predictions

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      With the ever-changing and evolving world of office design, our team here at Fusion Office Design take a look at the latest trends and upcoming interior office design predictions.

      Natural and homelike elements

      When it comes to clientele, recent research has shown their desire for a more homely feel in the office, employees want a more ‘cosy’ and ‘warm’ environment to make them feel welcomed and secure. With this in mind, the modern workplace is now inspired by domestic interiors, this includes natural flooring, textured carpets and wood desks made from timber. Craftsmanship is also popular with keen interest being shown in bespoke joinery and making more of an investment in furniture that will last longer.

      In 2017, natural light and plants will be a focus as they are believed to help increase job performance and satisfaction as well as creating a sense of calmness. The workplace will tend to opt for fake plants due to live plants being harder to maintain, but with freeze-dried plants still providing the same ambience. With natural trends prevailing in office design, water inspired palettes, fabrics and finishes also deem popular.


      Creating more ‘flexible’ areas where colleagues can engage and collaborate will also be a main element of design this year, flexible layouts will make sure spaces are adaptable and not just set for one strict use.

      Office design will also reflect longevity as gimmicks can date quickly and aren’t always to everyone’s taste. This will make way for ‘sensible’ features which will also contribute to a more ‘domestic’ environment. A focus should be put on striking a balance between relaxed and productive environments but which also suit a variety of working styles and personalities. Basic things such as good coffee and personal storage are most required by employees and shouldn’t be overlooked.


      With the evolving and ever changing world of technology constantly affecting the way we live, it will also have a prevalent place in the future of office design. It will continue to influence the office and the way we work, with no direct idea with what the next office trend will be, there’s a range of innovative elements which will contribute to the workplace.

      With jokes relating to ‘hologram’ receptionists and virtual reality and continuing to grow, we are social beings and no matter what happens, people need people, so it’s a top priority to have an office which will bring people together.

      The workplace is a center of interaction and this will continue to rise as more collaborative spaces are encouraged instead of lone working areas. Creating accessible spaces such as coffee shops and co-working places will become an important part of most workplace strategies and office design.

      Ultimately its anticipated that office design is moving more towards comfort, from physical qualities to its support for employees, companies are investing in their staff environment and creating a more versatile, comfortable space that empowers, provides stability and encourages productivity and collaboration.


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