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    The Office Of Tomorrow For The Millennials Of Today

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      Millennials & Office Designs

      Starting now and set to continue for the new few years, millennials will become part of the workforce and will quickly become the bigger majority. The passing of the torch to this new generation means you need to consider how an office environment works for them.

      No longer is it just desk and chairs, you need a fresh, adaptable and inviting space that works and change over time for the new generation. Whether you’re looking to hire new talent or your office just needs a refresh, planning for the millennial generation will future proof your office.

      Flexible Working

      A modern, efficient, creative and flexible workspace is key to ensuring millennials succeed in the office environment. Young people love being mobile and collaborative, sitting at a desk for eight hours a day hurts productivity, having the chance to move around breaks up the day.

      Not only does being on the move break up the day but it improves productivity and engagement too. Having the chance to move and be flexible in the way we work encourages people to both work independently and come together as teams.

      Offices are moving away from static desks and computers and more people are embracing flexible technology to suit the new office environment. From tablets to laptops, you can easily hookup and then move when you need too.

      Minimal Design

      Big, bold and clunky, all just to fill a space, well now it’s a big no no! There’s no need to overfill a space, keeping it minimal can be just as effective. No one wants to work is a dark, cramped, cluttered workspace.

      Minimalist design, smaller devices and wireless technology allow for a simpler and cleaner flowing office space. The ability to hide everything away and keep things looking sleek, causes less distractions overall.

      Bright, clear and open spaces make offices feel like a more inviting and attractive space. Millennials love simplicity and ensuring your office caters for this, allows you to attract the best talent for your business.

      Natural Elements

      10 years ago offices where already becoming drab and focusing on artificial materials to create sterile workspaces. It wasn’t always a bad thing but times have changes and plastic plants are about as attractive as floral carpets.

      We aren’t saying fill your office with plants but brining in natural elements such as reclaimed wood, exposed brick and some plant life, creates an office that feels more natural; both on the eye and for the people working there.

      Millennials believe that the office environment should be both comfortable and enjoyable to work in. The more relaxed people are, the less stressed they are likely to become; which overall improves productivity and happiness.

      The Right Lighting

      Lighting is everything, from natural to accent lighting. An office can’t feel claustrophobic and nor can it feel like a surgical theatre either. Larger open spaces that let in lots of light are perfect and feel inviting, although these aren’t always possible to find.

      When natural lighting is to a minimum, you need to consider carefully the type of lighting you’re going to use. Avoid bright overhead fluorescent lighting and think of lighting on a more personal and one on one basis.

      Accent and desk lights allow for a more natural light feel and cater to each specific workers lighting requirements. Not everyone likes to work under a light and some people can’t work without one.


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