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    Tips For Maximising Small Office Spaces

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      Are you a business owner feeling the pinch of working within limited square footage? You’re certainly not alone; many of us are doing our best to make the most out of small office spaces. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be a difficult task. 

      Our team here at Fusion Office Design have been helping business owners transform office spaces, especially the most minor offices. These can be the hardest to work with, but with our years of experience, we can help! 

      By embracing creative ideas and implementing strategic interventions, any workspace can become an efficient and productive environment – whatever its size. This article, written by our office design experts, will provide tips for maximising small office spaces to help business owners get the most from their existing setup. 

      So, if you want to supercharge your workspace without increasing your budget or floor area, read on! Our team have specialised in office fit-outs and office refurbishments for several years. 

      Be Smart With The Space

      If you have a small office space, the very first thing you need to consider is how you can be smart with the area you have; it must be able to suit every function required with ease, for example, if it needs to be a hybrid space that can be used for group working or individual working, it needs to have this capacity. 

      You need to check and see that every single inch of space is used, space that is not being used is wasted, and this cannot happen when offices are small, to begin with. You need to be creative and smart with all the available space, ensuring your office staff have access to every type of space they need; meeting rooms, break rooms, coffee stations, and anything else. 

      One of the best tips we have for intelligently utilising small office space is having a conference room that doubles as a break room; most office companies have set breaks, so the process works whereby you do not arrange meetings during break times. 

      Flexible Solutions Work

      In our office furniture fit-outs, the idea of not having a fixed desk or hot desk is becoming more popular. Small office spaces are especially well-suited to this style of office space layout. Avoid oversized desks and seats for flexibility. Hot desking allows your employees to jump from space to space; it is ideal for companies that need their staff to collaborate. 

      A large desk is unnecessary, for example, if you only use your phone and laptop. There needs to be more area for separate private offices in a smaller office setting. If you only use a laptop, you need a different amount of space than you would if you used a complete desktop. 

      However, even in an open-plan space, booths and acoustic sitting can increase seclusion for all employees. It can be a fine line to get the right office design when you have a small office, but finding the perfect balance can be critical to your company’s success. 

      Suitable Storage 

      Storage options for commercial office furniture are essential in a small office setting. It’s crucial to pick office storage options that either contrast with or complement other office furnishings. You may design a distinctive and clutter-free office area with the appropriate storage solution; you can make or break your small office design through storage. 

      Consider including lockers or other forms of personal storage in your workplace furniture fit-out. This can be helpful if an employee doesn’t have a dedicated workstation. Choosing storage solutions that may fit under desk and drawer units (pedestals) has a compact footprint and can conserve space in your small office. Installing cabinets along hallway walls is a beautiful alternative, but this does come down to the square footage you have to work with. 

      By doing this, storage is increased in spaces that would otherwise have a lot of space. Bookcases or credenzas in the room also serve as useful storage options. This office furniture style contributes to an environment that is more aesthetically pleasing.

      Our team here at Fusion Office design can help you with creative and clever storage options! 

      Utilise Wall Storage 

      Walls are frequently not used efficiently when planning workplace space; that changes when you work with a team like ours here at Fusion Office Design. When you need to clear some floor space in your office, wall storage is a fantastic option, and we can utilise that in any way we can. 

      We supply commercial office furniture, and one of our flexible storage walls is ideal for hiding unsightly clutter in your workspace; this works for paperwork storage, stationary storage and many more items you want to be hidden from sight. 

      Your office furniture fit-out will stay organised and neat if a storage wall is included. Storage walls are a perfect addition to any smaller office space planning design because they take up minimal floor area.

      Lighting Can Transform Your Space

      Studies show that lighting quality significantly affects how employees feel at work; not only that, but it can change productivity levels from excellent to poor and vice versa. For instance, natural light can increase sales and productivity. Always keep illumination in mind when considering an office furniture fit-out; our team here at Fusion Office Design always keep this in mind. 

      The quality of the lighting can significantly impact employee satisfaction. Workers could become drained and sluggish in a dark environment or even melancholy. Make the most of the natural light you have. Use LED overhead downlighting for tables instead of floor lamps, which take up more space if that isn’t practicable. 

      Desks should be grouped around windows for the most use of their natural lighting. Use LED lights, lamps, and warm colours if there isn’t any natural light in your home, but natural lighting is, without a doubt, the best option available to you if you can. 

      Contact Fusion Office Design For Small Office Solutions! 

      By following the simple tips above, you’ll be able to make much better use of the space that you have available and create a working environment that is both comfortable and practical. A small office space does not need to cause any issues; you can have a fully functional office, even if small. 

      If you would like more information or advice about maximising small office spaces, don’t hesitate to contact the Fusion Office Design team today. 

      We specialise in creating functional and stylish office designs no matter how big or small your space may be – so why not see what we can do for you?

      Pick up the phone and give one of our offices fit-out, office design or office furniture specialists today!