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    Benefits of an Organised Office

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      Office Organisation

      When it comes to office organisation, Fusion Office Design have the solutions for you. To help businesses improve their organisational skills we have developed a checklist for an organised office. We have created this helpful post with the hope we can improve the level of organisation in your office or work place, which will benefit your business as a whole and the team as individuals. It’s time to enforce your office with our top tips and benefits of an organised office.

      Top Tips and Benefits of an Organised Office

      Don’t Get Comfortable

      The more comfortable and interesting your work area is, the more likely you are to get people dropping in to interrupt your busy work schedule. Make your office functional, but avoid adding things such as wall posters, desk ornaments and game, comfortable guest chairs and plants. When you make your desk area comfortable, you will find yourself becoming the unofficial break room for your co-workers. The only comfort should be the chair you sit in so that you do not injure your back from sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day long.

      Paper Clips

      The paper clip is a very effective office organisation tool that often goes unused. If you have documents that go together but you cannot staple them, then use a paper clip. Some people will put the documents in a file folder or do nothing at all to keep the papers together.

      Take a Look at your Desk Space

      Take a look at what’s around your workstation, laptops and monitor, to stay focused keep your desk space clear of any clutter so you can stay focused. Although you don’t want your desk to be a completely inviting place, it is still advisable that you consider adding personal touch to your desk area. Add splashes of colour to keep up productivity.

      Plastic Trays

      Plastic desk trays are inexpensive ways to organise most of the papers on your desk. You can stack plastic desk trays as high as you want, and you can use them to organise papers in a way that suits you. Some of the more common ways to use a plastic desk tray is for incoming paperwork, outgoing paperwork, current project information, company memos, training material, incoming mail and outgoing mail. Decide how you would like to use your plastic desk trays and then not only will you get the clutter off your desk, but you will also improve the flow of information to and from your work area.

      Take into Account Storage Furniture for Tidiness

      • Tambour Units – Ideal for small spaces as they have space-saving sliding doors. Tambour units are considered an office essential by many as they are an easy to solution to cluttered work environments
      • Rolling Cart – Ideal for holding planners, manuals and notebooks, these small, tiered storage units can be incredibly handy.
      • Giant Cork Board – Whether it is used as an inspiration board or somewhere to hold letters/bills before you get around to them, this can be a wonderful addition.
      • Binder Clips – Ever get sick and tired of the messy cords hanging around the office? Keep them safe, clean and easy to access by using clips on the side of your desk.
      • Raised Monitor – Add a shelf with space underneath to the desk to free up space and make your monitor easier to view.
      • Floating shelves – Cabinets are great additions to a space, if you have room, but an easy alternative is just to put up some floating shelves. These can be as wide and tall as necessary.


      Why You Should Maintain and Organised Office

      Choosing to keep your office neat, tidy, and organised is easier said than done. With busy days, high workloads and plenty to do and sort, it can be hard to keep on top of it all. Whether you’re looking for a solution to always keep your office tidy, or a way to reduce the amount or reoccurring problems, we can help. Our reasons to organise your office are here to motivate you and your employees to keep everything in order, and enjoy the success of doing so. Here are a few of the reasons why you should organise your office or workplace:

      • Increased productivity
      • Better working environment
      • Reduces any potential problems
      • Keeps everyone in the loop
      • Happy staff means better quality services which can lead to more sales!