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    Workshop Lab Whiteboard System

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      Workshop Whiteboards

      A new ‘lab’ using our sliding whiteboard system has been installed in a workshop space at a global accountancy / consulting organisation in London WC2 just off Strand. The ‘transition lab’ is a workshop area used for intensive one-day development courses.

      The ‘lab’ space is dedicated to a personalised and exclusive one day workshop for newly appointed CFOs. It is designed to help an individual CFO to make an efficient and powerful transition into their new role.

      The Lab helps the CFO to frame their priorities, assess their talent and organisation and identify different approaches to managing their complex stakeholder relationships. The result of a day in the Lab is a clear action plan to make a successful transition.

      Whiteboards are a key part of the one-day course, central to the tasks and development process. The main sections are static, fixed, magnetic whiteboards mounted in our frame system to overcome the mix of glass, wood and plasterboard partitions. In addition three whiteboards slide on a curved track, providing access to an adjacent meeting room. These sliding whiteboard doors are double-sided so that they’re usable in the meeting room as well, and can be used to close off the meeting space to support the focused environment.

      Curved Sliding Whiteboards

      To achieve the curved sliding whiteboard track the base-track had to be inset into the floor which entailed the raised-floor to be cut and recessed. The head track is surface-mounted on a ceiling with a reinforcement patress to support the weight. Unlike our regular whiteboard system, a curved track uses a top-hung format. As these images show, the base track is totally flush with the carpet.

      The curved whiteboards for this project are not true radiused panels. Instead they’re flat whiteboards on a radiused track. It is possible to make each whiteboard radiused, but the cost saving using flat sections was significant, and with the gentle curve required for this project the added complexity was not worth the extra expense.

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