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    4 Features Your Office Must Have in 2019

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      Must Have Office Features

      The design of offices is constantly evolving and the furniture that fills your workspace and how the office is arranged can hugely influence the overall space. Offices are fast paced and need to foster an atmosphere that promotes working and collaboration.

      The right office design that includes key elements will ensure both effective office space and happy employees. We’ve put together what we believe are 2019’s must haves in an office.

      Adaptable Furniture

      People change constantly and that means your office needs to change with them. But hold on, you can’t just keep changing your office, it’s not practical or cost effective. The solution lies in choosing adaptable furniture.

      The furniture you choose needs to be adaptable and suit a number of purposes, whilst still catering for the needs of your employees. From foldable boardroom tables to multi height desks, having the ability to quickly changes a room allows for a better overall environment.

      More and more offices are choosing to go the modular furniture route, it allows for full flexibility meaning you can cater for individual working, groups or breakout spaces. Adaptable furniture means a forever changing and happy workspace.

      A Focus On Nature

      The environment is always a hot topic and more workers are becoming environmentally conscious. If you reflect the same values in your office then it will help to reduce the overall carbon footprint of an office.

      Understanding what types of items to bring into an office can be difficult and one of the easiest things is to only buy items that come from brands who focus on sustainability. It doesn’t just have to be about the items you buy though, there are a number of other ways to focus on nature.

      Bring some of the outside in, with living walls and plants throughout the office. Not only will it look great but it proves your serious about a cohesion between your office and the outside.

      Integrated Technology

      Technology is forever changing and keeping up can be difficult, however there are some elements of technology that will remain essential to offices. From laptops to mobiles and much more, everyone is connected with technology in some way or another.

      New technologies mean the office becomes much less rigid and allows for employees to hot desks and just pick up and work on the go. By equipping your team with the right office design to support this, you’re further enhancing the capabilities of your workforce.

      Areas that offer comfort and include things such as sofas or beanbags means a much more relaxed and flexible approach to work. Simple things such as monitor arms allows for collaboration on a new scale. The key is focusing on including technology whilst allowing for flexible working.

      Design That’s Intentional

      Offices aren’t just about having enough room for all of your furniture and employees, you need to consider individuality and productivity. Any type of office should be specifically design to promote productivity and positivity.

      Considering what your employees want and what works for you will help to create a perfect office design harmony. Combining ergonomically features like heigh-adjustable desks or chairs will promote a healthy workspace.

      Your workspace needs to be designed to suit the future, investing in the right design now could make it easier to change and upgrade later down the line. A bad office design will lead to unhappy employees.

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