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    Employee Wellbeing: What is it?

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      Companies all over the UK face the same daily challenges when it comes to staff. How do you keep them happy and motivated in the workplace? How do you get the best out of them to help your business succeed?

      Making sure every employee is happy and motivated at work can prove to be difficult sometimes; especially when the working environment isn’t right from the get-go. To ensure your staff aren’t unhappy at work, you’ll need to consider ‘employee wellbeing’ and think about how you can put it into practice.

      Before you set about changing the way your office looks with a re-design project, you’ll need to seriously think about why you want to focus on wellbeing in the workplace. Is there a feeling of unhappiness in the air or are staff simply not as productive as they used to be?

      There are several ways that employee wellbeing can be categorised and our team here at Fusion Office Design have broken these down for your below:

      Employee Wellbeing: Broken Down

      Employee Wellbeing Checklist

      Considering all key elements of employee wellbeing will help you to implement a strategy that will improve happiness and motivation levels in the workplace.

      Workplace Wellbeing

      Workplace wellbeing refers to both your metal and physical states, covering biophilic elements such as natural light and temperature. Things that have a direct impact on your body are thought of as ‘biophilic’ and are considered to be a fundamental part of an employee’s physical wellbeing.

      Metal wellbeing is just as important as the physical state of your body, taking into consideration things like relaxing breakout areas, noise levels and other things that might influence an employee’s mental state. Office design can have a huge impact on the happiness and healthiness of your staff, which directly impacts motivation levels and productivity across the board.

      How Does Office Design Impact Employee Wellbeing?

      There is clear evidence to suggest that the design of an office can impact productivity and staff morale. A report by The World Green Building Council shows that a range of factors, from air quality to lighting, can impact the satisfaction and performance of people working in an office environment. Making small changes based on workers preferences for a healthy working environment can have a positive effect on productivity and the overall success of your company.

      See the full report here

      What Do you Want to Achieve?

      Think about what you want to achieve when looking to address employee wellbeing. Do you want to…


      • Increase staff happiness
      • Boost company morale
      • Improve staff retention
      • Increase productivity
      • Reduce Employee Absence
      • Create Better Working Relationships
      • Increase Open Communications
      • Reduce Business Costs
      • Create a More Sustainable Workforce


      With all these things in mind, it’s worthwhile considering what your motivations are and what you want to achieve. This will help you to effectively measure the results of your wellbeing campaign, ensuring that you get to the route of what needs to change for better wellbeing.

      If you are thinking about changing your office design for better employee wellbeing, take the time to contact Fusion Office Design today to find out how we can help you moving forward.