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    Fitting out an Office

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      When it comes to redesigning and refurbishing your office space, whether it be for a new office space, relocation of an existing office or refurbishing your current office space then it’s important to understand what’s involved in the office fit out process.

      Different ways to fit out an Office

      When it comes to an overhaul of your office space or moving into a new office space then it’s important to consider what type of fit out your office will need or what type you want to go for, this could be a refurbishment of your current office space by reworking your space or giving it a major overhaul, a small refurbishment of a new space involving some new furniture and a lick of paint or you could be starting from scratch with a blank canvas and need everything from suspended ceilings to bifold walls. Understanding what type of refurbishment you choose for your office space will help you understand what you need to carry out.

      Refurbishing a new space could be moving into a space that’s previously been used as an office or one that’s been designed as use as an office space. This may mean your just looking for something more small scale and may just be looking for a lick of paint, some branding, partitions or some new furniture.

      If you’re refurbishing your existing office then this could involve a full rip out and start again or working with your existing space and environment by installing new furniture and equipment to create a new and more vibrant space for employees and clients.

      Working with a blank canvas for a refurbishment could be because you’re moving into a new office space or you’re moving your business into a space that wasn’t originally designed to be an office. This type of refurbishment can mean you need to start from scratch with new ceilings, walls, kitchen facilities, bathroom facilities and furniture. This type of refurbishment although usually more expensive due to the extent of the work involved can be easy to carry out, with a blank canvas you can better plan out the space you have available meaning you create an office space that’s as close to your ideal office as possible.

      How Much Can It Cost? Where Can Savings Be Made?

      When you carry out an office refurbishment no matter what type it is, you need to consider what you’ll be spending money on and if they’re any ways to can get funding or help with the refurbishment. Once you start to make decisions about what you want your refurbishment to include they you’ll start to get a better understanding of what you need to spend.

      Most businesses only carry out full scale refurbishments every 5-10 years, communicating correctly during the refurbishment and understanding costs and where your money is being spent can help reduce the financial impact the refurbishment can have on your business.

      A Helping Hand

        • Check with landlord to see if there’s any financial contributions they can make
        • If you own the space and depending on the size of the office consider leasing out parts of it
        • Capital Allowances and Enhanced Capital Allowances 1 are a great way that your company, as a taxpayer, can get money back on the purchase of ‘machinery & plant’ over its lifetime
        • The Carbon Trust in England and The Energy Saving Trust in Scotland 2, both offer 0%-interest small business loans, where anticipated savings in energy costs fund the loan repayments
        • Consider reusing existing equipment or furniture if necessary

      Fees and Costs

          • Safety assessments
          • Planning permission
          • Electrical work or installations
          • Plumbing work or installations
          • IT and telecoms
          • Furniture
          • Disposal Fees
          • Design fees
          • Labour and construction costs

      Understanding and managing costs of fit outs can be difficult and stressful, by using an office fit out company they can help with you to keep on top of the costs and understand the costs and what needs to be undertaken during your refurbishment.

      Your New Office

      A refurbishment of an office space sometimes isn’t a choice it’s vital, refurbs can breathe new life into an office space, creating a better working environment and also helping to bring your office into the 21st century, helping to improve your brand image. When it comes to your refurbishment it’s important to decide whether you’ll be arranging and carrying it out yourself or whether you’ll be employing an external business to carry out and manage your office fit out.

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