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    Glass Whiteboard Wall

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      Sliding whiteboard glass walls.

      Fusion Office Design have recently installed a glass whiteboard wall system in the events space of a division of Google in London Kings Cross. The specialist artificial intelligence team use the sliding glass floor to ceiling whiteboards for interactive presentations, and other events in a multi-story building. Our sliding whiteboard walls are shown here in front of windows with full height curtains set in between the external glazing and the glass boards. The privacy and security aspect afforded by the curtains doesn’t impact on the use of whiteboards.

      sliding glass whiteboard wall

      Track mounted whiteboard walls.

      Our system is track mounted and can be fixed in front of glass windows, and in this case in front of curtains as well. The exposed ceiling of this events space has a perimeter border at ceiling level that holds the curtains tracks and headtrack for the sliding whiteboard walls. We could have fixed our headtracks to the exposed ceiling, typically using supports, for installations without any ceiling lower than 3m. The headtrack isn’t load bearing and works just as a guide to keep the panels upright. All the weight is on the floor track making installation quick and avoiding any concerns about weight on ceilings.

      sliding glass whiteboard system

      glass whiteboard sliding system

      Glass Wall Whiteboards

      The glass whiteboards don’t go the entire height to the ceiling as in this project some natural light is required on occasion. However our system works equally well with full height glass wall configurations.

      sliding glass whiteboards

      The sliding panels can be nested on the double track allowing the glass whiteboards to be mostly cleared away from windows when not in use. Fusion office single, double, triple tracks and combinations to enable walls to be completely clear, panels to be moved at will, and whiteboards positioned exactly as required.

      floor to ceiling glass whiteboards

      Within our sliding frame system we can mount glass whiteboards, solid and magnetic whiteboards, semi-transparent whiteboards that allow natural light to pass through, and chalkboards. Solid infills also include acoustic panels and decorative material.

      glass whiteboard wall system

      To see more whiteboard wall installation images click here or contact Fusion for cost information for UK mainland, Europe, North America and globally. Or contact Fusion Office Design for more info.