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    Improve Office Design to Increase Productivity

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      The design of your office can really impact the way that you work; either in a positive or negative way. We have a few tips of different things that you should consider improving, to help refine your productivity at work. To make your working environment more positive, our team here at Fusion Office Furniture believe that you should look into the following things.

      Office Productivity


      Bad lighting can cause many different problems, which can last all day. These issues include; fatigue, eyestrain and headaches; which cause irritation mentally and physically. If you are in control of the lighting source at your office, make sure that the lighting is as natural as possible. Make sure that the lighting isn’t too dark either as it could cause people to feel more depressed.


      The chair and desk of which you sit at is very important when it comes to productivity at work. When sitting at a desk all day, you need to make sure that you are at your most comfortable and not causing strain on your body. It is recommended that you sit at a slightly reclined position as this reduces pressure on your back, which would cause back pain. Your feet should be resting on the floor or a foot rest and not hanging, as it will cause pains to the upper legs and knees. Your screen should also be below or at eye-level and your face should be around 24-36 inches away. Looking too close at your screens will cause your eyes to have difficulty focusing, blurred eyes, itchy eyes and even give you headaches. Make sure that you have adjustable chairs, so you can change the position to whatever you feel is comfortable and even bring a small cushion to add more comfort as well.


      Having a clean working space means that you can focus properly and therefore will be able to work more productively. Make sure that all your rubbish is tidied away and your space is organised properly and out of sight.

      Room colour

      The colour of the room can really make an impact on people’s mood. The colour blue is believed to enhance productivity for example, and so you could get small desk accessories or stationary in that colour to help you. If you are able to decide on the colour of the room, maybe look into painting the colours that you feel will benefit yourself and others with productivity.

      Room temperature

      Warmer rooms typically make people more productive. In the UK, most workplaces have to set the temperature from 16-24 degrees Celsius, depending on the type of work activity. Anything below is considered too cold and anything above too hot. If you feel that you are cold when working, then make sure that you either make the room warmer or bring a jumper or blanket to make you feel more comfortable.


      As well as colour the scent of the room can also affect one’s mood. Scents that are known to increase focus are:

      Pine – for alertness

      Cinnamon – for focus

      Lavender – for relaxation

      Peppermint – for lifting your mood

      Citrus – for waking you up and lifting spirits

      Level of Noise

      No matter where or how you work, the level of noise can be a distraction when trying to be at your most productive. When there is lots of background noise in the form of conversations or music, sometimes it may be difficult to gather your thoughts. If you like to listen to music while you work, then make sure it is not too loud and distract you. If you prefer a quieter environment, then bring noise cancelling headphones and play something more soothing.

      Organisation of people

      If you are organised into different teams then it makes it easier to communicate. If everyone is mixed, then it will make it harder for people to concentrate. It is proven that people work better when they work with those who have the same role or goals. This is because you can communicate with your colleagues and  get solutions quicker.

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