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    Movable Whiteboards

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      Movable Office Whiteboards

      Fusion Office Design has been offering moveable office whiteboards for a number of years, get in touch to find out more.

      An installation of movable whiteboards has been supplied to a city based financial organisation. The sliding movable whiteboards are positioned in a meeting area within an enclosed office.

      Movable Whiteboards

      Previously a single fixed whiteboard was located on a solid wall. The new boards add greatly to the writable surface area and allow the movable whiteboards to be positioned more in focus for the table. A second advantage is the ability to ‘park’ the boards, maintaining visibility through the glazed partition to the open plan office beyond.

      Our movable whiteboard system also adds a degree of privacy as the boards are an effective screen just as a blind would be.

      Movable whiteboards can be specified with solid magnetic dry-wipe, glass whiteboards and semi-transparent dry-wipe boards.

      Commenting on the new movable whiteboards, the Facilities Manager explained how the whiteboards have eliminated flip-charts previously used to add extra writable area, which has the advantage of simplyfying the layout and de-cluttering. Having the boards all ‘in view’ also helps to create a central focus to the room, whereas the previous layout was ‘scattered’. When looking at options for whiteboards the client hadn’t found any solution that worked with solid and glazed walls until Fusion presented our movable whiteboards. Plans are now in place to use the system throughout the 7 floor building including as a dividing wall to split a large meeting room in two.

      Click here to see the full movable whiteboard system.