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    Office Design Basics

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      Office Design – the basics

      Office Design images are great. Scan through Google images or any number of contractor websites to see the brightest and best office interiors. Use some descriptors such as ‘cool office design’ or ‘modern’, maybe even ‘funky’, to sort good from ho-hum. Pick out some ideas, see what’s current, and crystallize your thoughts on the ideal office look and feel.

      modern office design funky office design cool office design


      In design terms this could be a ‘cart before horse moment’. Most eye-candy images are just the window dressing and don’t show the office design basics.

      Horse and Cart

      The starting point for office design

      The best office designs start by understanding the business version of who you are. What’re the successful bits of the company culture, what are the messages in your brand and how do they translate to an internal audience. Just as important is the future. How should an office support or develop culture and brand. Of course office design isn’t a marketing project and shouldn’t lose sight of the practical advances that an office fit-out must achieve.

      But one thing we don’t recommend is a dash for the visuals before understanding the principles. Value is achieved through meeting needs of people and companies rather than simply making stuff look good.

      To maximize returns and getting the most from an opportunity you have to decide what you want, know who you are, and understand what to expect. These basics form the office design lead-in. Get this bit right and the cool office design will also be a worthwhile investment.