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    Office Designs Built to Boost Standards and Sales

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      With the environment in which you work in proven to affect the quality of your tasks, Fusion have came up with a smart alternative to ensure that this is a thing of the past. Within this post we will address some of our most popular office designs that have been specifically built to boost work standards and even sales!

      Understanding Requirements

      No matter your industry or job title, the quality of your work must always be to its highest in order to maintain a happy customer. Whether you’re a journalist or work in a marketing agency, your working area should be adapted so that it supports your way of working. In regards to the company, they can’t afford to create a working section to meet the needs of every employee. With staff members coming and going, you would easily overspend doing this. To avoid any excessive spends, you should design your office so that it is supporting all job roles.

      If you’re looking for ways to do this look no further, Fusion have gathered together some of the best office designs around to help you not only boost standards but your sales too. With the quality of your work improving, hopefully your sales will too, meaning that your company can easily grow further, and become an amazing business that is well-known for their services. Better still, if your company is one that constantly holds meetings with clients office-bound, the appearance of your working area is sure to impress them too. Remember, by giving into your company, you will get much more out of it. If staff see that you’re willing to improve their working standards, the quality of their work will increase too.

      Designing Your Office to Suit

      The key to having an office which is equipped to your needs is being able to understand exactly what you want. You may want the ‘wow’ factor but if this isn’t going to benefit your company or boost the performance of your staff, it will only end up being a costly investment. Before jumping into having every amazing product the internet will let you buy, stop and think about what you actually need. A bit of online searching can give you hundreds of ideas on things like sleeping pods, treadmill desks and even work gyms but if they’re failing to benefit your company and help you to make money they are just another cost for the business owner.

      Try to avoid searching for wacky ideas for office design and sit down with your team to find out what they actually need. Simple desk dividers or storage facilities can help massively. It’s all about understanding what your employees want from you. You may get some outrageous ideas thrown at you but just like anything else there will be good, resourceful ones too. You may even be inspired with some of your own ideas once hearing your employees thoughts.

      Our main advice is to try and not to go overboard with your office design, it could very easily turn work into a place to socialise and become a distraction. Rather than have 101 amazing things in your office that look cool and may even be entertaining, it’s about making your business money and improving performance at the end of the day. You may even choose to take small suggestions on board such as a water fountain or vending machine, but this will cost nothing as close to other things you see online. No matter how you choose to design your office and working stations, remember that Fusion are always here to help with our office design and refurbishment.

      Inspiration Gallery

      We have collected together a small collection of inspiration offices that we have worked on in the past to showcase to you. We hope that they have given you some inspiration or thoughts on what you can do with your office space moving forward. So enjoy our collection, we hope that they help when it comes to redesigning your office space, and of course if you’re looking for an expert team to complete the re-design, Fusion are always the team to call on.