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    Flip Top Boardroom Tables

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      Flip-Top Tables For Your Boardroom

      Do you have suitable tables for your meeting, conference, and business rooms? Are you stuck using modular tables that offer no flexibility in your office space? How about trying flip-top tables in your meeting room? Here at Fusion Office Design, we specialise in the modular boardroom and flip-top meeting tables, all using high-quality materials; the flip-top tables are ideal if you need to save space.

      Flip-top boardroom tables and high-quality folding flip-top meeting tables are typically the quickest to reconfigure, ideal for boardroom areas and used as conference tables that need to be taken down when finished. Call for more information today!

      Flip Top Boardroom Tables For Office Versatility

      Our heavy duty flip top boardroom tables are designed for versatile use whilst offering stability and high quality reconfigurable modular tables. The flip-top format is most suitable for rooms that are reconfigured frequently.

      Cable management can be integrated into these heavy-duty flip-top board room tables with options for power sockets and AV connections built into the table. Using high-quality veneered tops, you can create a good impression in your conference room or meeting room, whilst the tilt-top table format allows these flip-top boardroom table systems to be moved out of a room quickly or folded and stored to one side.

      Typically flip-top boardroom tables are very versatile, and one of the best folding table format for ease and speed to move and fold compared to some systems; we promise you won’t find an easier-to-move boardroom table anywhere else. We use a heavy duty table base to give boardroom level stability to the tables, unlike the lightweight tilt top systems.

      Boardroom Table Configurations

      Fusion will space plan flip-top boardroom tables to best suit the room configurations, seating arrangements, and draw the layout and table configuration that works best for you and your meeting space. Once a best-fit table and room layout is achieved, the tables can be specified to ensure the chairs and table-leg frames don’t clash. Modular boardroom tables can be configured in several formats, and Fusion are expert in designing the tables to fit the room, the multi-purpoise layouts you need, and seating positions to ensure comfortable meetings.

      If you want more information on the high-end flip-top tables our team here at Fusion Office Design can provide you with all the details; be sure to reach out and ask for our advice and guidance. We are always more than happy to help you in any way we can!

      Flip-top boardroom tables are great for meeting rooms, conference rooms and anywhere else in your office! Choose dynamic working solutions today with Fusion Office Design; get in touch today! If flip-top tables don’t have the right style and appearance take a look at our other folding boardroom table ranges including the popular Turntable range.