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    Office Meeting Tables

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      High Quality Meeting Tables

      Should you be looking for office meeting tables in the UK, look no further, at Fusion Office Design we have got you covered, we are experts in office design and office furniture and with this in mind, you couldn’t choose a better place when searching for ‘office meeting tables’, for more information, please get in touch with our team today. When it comes to the constantly changing office environment, office meeting tables will allow you to maximise efficiency and productivity as well as provide you with a flexible workspace which has become more important than ever. At Fusion Office Design over the years we have been providing an extensive collection of office meeting tables to customers across the country. Our selection of meeting tables are great for different uses whether you need a breakout area, a place to hold a meeting or a place to concentrate. For more information on the office meeting tables that we offer across the UK, feel free to call on the team at Fusion Office Design today.

      Meeting Tables from Fusion Office Design

      Office meeting tables and meeting furniture has a great impact on the style of a meeting room, and the function it’s used for. Technical office meeting tables lend themselves to rooms where process and detail are discussed. Large formal boardroom tables create a backdrop for weighty strategic matters in a corporate boardroom. Flexibility is becoming more valuable, and multi-use furniture is typical for meeting rooms and boardrooms.

      Office Meeting tables are available in all shapes and sizes, practically any finish, and can be simple surfaces or equipped with cable management, power socket outlets, data points and AV connections. The most common materials used for meeting tables are wood veneer, laminate/melamine, and glass. Corian, polished lacquer and niche materials such as leather, concrete and compact laminate are other options.

      Internal and client-facing meetings are a feature of modern office working. Meeting furniture supports collaboration and communication which is an important part of office life.

      The choice of shape for a meeting table can be influenced by a number of factors. Often a room layout determines the shape and dimensions of a table. The use of video conferences can also be a factor.

      Meeting Table Design

      The style of office meeting tables varies according to finishes and features. Many ranges offer a mix-and-match approach allowing choices of shape, size, finish, edge profile and type of base. The advantage of this mix and match approach is the ability to specify office meeting tables to a price point that fits your budget, and still achieve a high quality meeting table.

      Meeting tables are available on quick lead times if required, and range in cost depending upon size and shape, finish, and features. Fusion are very happy to plan tables for the best fit in a room, or ideally to plan a room to fit the table. We create a space plan illustrating the best table shape(s) for the space, and our advice for the table size to allow sufficient clearance space around the table. Our service also looks at the size of the chair that will be used.

      Meeting tables can include cable management and convenience power sockets all integrated into the design.

      Meeting table finishes

      Finishes for office meeting tables cover the full spectrum of office materials, from glass and wood to laminates of all types, including the latest super-matt laminates that are resistant to any sort of finger marks. All our ranges have matching ancillary furniture including credenzas. We often make bespoke or custom items such as fridge cabinets and enclosures for water machines, as well as AV enclosures.

      Increasingly meeting tables are used in open-plan or broken-plan settings, and furniture styles in these situations are often less office and more cross-over with residential styles.

      To create a distinctive modern meeting table we can use several finishes to design a contemporary piece of furniture. A good example is a modern veneer pattern, or a mix of wood and glass, that gives options on colour and layout patterns. Fusion are happy to suggest design ideas for modern meeting tables.

      If you can’t find the meeting table you are looking for, try Round Meeting Tables or Video Conference Tables, which offer alternative shapes and styles suited to varying office layouts.

      Meeting Table for Sale

      At Fusion Office Design our expert team has years of experience in providing meeting tables and furniture, so if you’re in need of ‘boardroom tables for sale’, simply get in touch with our team today. Our team’s skills and expertise means that you should be looking for a meeting to increase productivity, or you need a flexible area for meetings, we have got you covered. With an extensive range of meeting we offer high quality products that are also at great prices, so if it’s cost efficient that you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. At Fusion Office Design we help clients to get the most out of their office space and with this in mind we will provide you with effective and efficient meeting tables and furniture.

      Office Meeting Table Suppliers

      When searching for ‘office meeting table suppliers’, you can call off the search, if you are looking to buy quality and affordable boardroom tables, then look no further, Fusion Office Design can always be on hand to assist. We are renowned for providing high quality furniture that includes office meeting tables, our products aim to give any boardroom a refreshed look. No office space is too big or too small, at Fusion Office Design we should always be your first choice when looking for office meeting table suppliers.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Office Meeting Tables

      Why should I choose Fusion Office Design?

      At Fusion Office Design we are known for being office furniture and office design specialists, with this in mind we are home to an expert team who can always be on hand to answer any questions that you may have as well as assist with any of your needs. At Fusion Office Design, we have years of experience in the office furniture and design industry and stock and supply a range of quality boardroom table products at great prices.

      Can you build and install the meeting table?

      Yes, at Fusion Office Design we can also build and install your office furniture and meeting tables. With years of experience in fitting quality furniture to our customers and clients across the UK, you can trust that you’re in the best hands for your office meeting tables and furniture. Please contact us for more information on your meeting tables and furniture installations.

      What types of boardroom tables and furniture do you offer?

      At Fusion Office Design, we offer a wide range of meeting tables and meeting room furniture, this includes office meeting tables and chairs, large meeting tables, white oval boardroom tables, small meeting tables as well foldable meeting tables. Whatever your needs or whatever type of office meeting table that you require, Fusion Office Design has always got you covered.

      How do I order office furniture?

      If you’re wanting to place an order for office furniture or meeting tables, all you need to do is get in touch with the team at Fusion Office Design today. For any questions or queries simply call on our team today, we are also renowned for being available to provide any help or support that you may need.

      Why should I choose boardroom tables from Fusion Office Design?

      When looking for meeting tables, at Fusion Office Design we provide a range of meeting tables that are all highly durable, reliable and will last in the many years to come, the collection available at Fusion Office Design is the best option for you. All of the office meeting furniture that we provide has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. With this in mind we have been offering our office furniture and meeting tables to customers throughout the UK for many years and we have developed a renowned reputation for the excellent quality that we offer.