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Round Meeting Tables

Round Meeting Tables

Round office tables in wood, glass and other finishes. Circular meeting tables are an ideal shape to gather around without obvious hierarchy for an inclusive meeting room format. Square shaped rooms are particularly suited for round meeting tables. Our range includes simple round meeting tables up to impressive boardroom quality tables. Fusion will happily offer advice on round tables to meet a budget, seating numbers, cable management, design requirement or a combination of factors.

Sizes for round office tables range from 800mm for the smallest 2-3 person size up to 1800 diameter for the largest single-piece top seating 8-10 people. Bigger round meeting tables larger than 1.8m  are manufactured in two or more pieces partly due to constraints of materials and also for access reasons. White round meeting tables are a popular style as they create a bright focal point in a meeting room or open plan office.

Typical round office table sizes are:

  • 1metre diameter for 3-4,
  • 1.2metre diameter for 4
  • 1.4metre diameter for 5-6
  • 1.5metre diameter for 6
  • 1.6metre diameter for 6-8
  • 1.8metre diameter for 8
  • 2.0metre diameter for 10


Round office tables can easily be specified at a size too small for the seating configuration. On a drawing it appears that 4 chairs fit around a 1m table. However when taking knee and foot space into consideration the table size is not sufficient. This aspect of round tables is often overlooked by interior designers not familiar with furniture ergonomics.

Cable management in round meeting tables is particularly well supported by table bases with 4 legs. Column bases also offer cable routes to surface modules for power and data. Simple cable ports and pop-up power sockets are ideal for round office tables. Larger tables are suitable for drop-in power socket and data port modules either surface mounted or beneath hinged access flaps.

High end round tables can be extendable. Dagger boards slot into spaces as the four quarters of a top are opened, making a round table that seats 4 more people when needed.

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