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    Sliding Whiteboard doors on tracks for F1 Team

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      Whiteboard doors on tracks.

      Fusion have installed our sliding whiteboard doors on tracks at the offices of a leading F1 team. Our sliding doors run on floor-mounted tracks inset into the carpet. Possibly the straightest tracks this racing organisation will come across. sliding whiteboard on tracks

      Floor tracks, which carry all the weight of the sliding whiteboard doors, are in black to blend in with the carpet tones, whilst the door frames and headtrack are all in white to best match the vertical finishes in the building interior. White glass double-sided magnetic whiteboards are fitted in a floor to ceiling format.

      floor to ceiling whiteboards on tracks

      Track or rail mounted whiteboards.

      Triple inset tracks allow all three of the whiteboard doors to slide away, opening up the meeting space fully or partially enclosing it. The base track is flush with the carpet to minimise the threshold. Our system uses a floor track as the means to mount and move the whiteboards. Tracks, or rails, allow the system to be installed almost anywhere within an office irrespective of windows or solid wall space.

      meeting room sliding whiteboard doors

      More doors can be added to the tracks in future if the space needs to be fully enclosed.

      sliding whiteboards on tracks

      As you can tell from the view out the window these sliding whiteboards were installed outside normal office hours. The work took just a few hours to complete as the ceiling-mounted track weighs very little and needs no alterations to the ceiling. Possibly the longest amount of time involved cutting the tracks into the carpet that was already laid.

      The design intent for the sliding whiteboards is to screen off an informal meeting space, but be very easy to slide away. The large whiteboard surfaces give plenty of space for collaborative work inside the meeting area, and for the adjacent engineering team working at desks outside.

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