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    Sliding Whiteboards For Global Financial Company

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      Horizontal Sliding Whiteboards installed for Global Financial company.

      A US financial company with offices in Glasgow have taken delivery of the 2nd phase installation of our multiple sliding whiteboards. Initially installed last year to the refurbished 1st floor offices, the horizontal sliding whiteboards have proved a popular solution and have been included in the next phase of office refurb to the ground floor in the central Glasgow building.

      The design concept for these multiple sliding whiteboards is the requirement to position the boards adjacent to team desk clusters and still be able to access the windows, retain the natural light, and for the boards to ‘park’ as necessary. The horizontal sliding capabilty is provided by the tracks allowing the whiteboards to be moved laterally.

      The multiple tracks are available as twin or triple tracks, or a combination, to create multi-track arrangements. Ths installation uses a triple track allowing three whiteboards to be nested.

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