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    Transforming an Office

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      Sometimes companies require their offices to be refurbished this may be because of an expansion or they’re simply due an upgrade. Refurbishments can be a costly process but it’s also a vital one, so it’s vital to get it right the first time around to avoid unnecessary expenses. When it comes to refurbishments if you’re struggling with a concept or design you think will work get in touch with an office design company that will help you plan and understand your need for an office refurbishment.

      Why Does Your Office Need Refurbishing?

      The first stage of an refurbishing an office space is understanding why you need one in the first place this will help understand your needs and what you need to plan into the office design. If your office lacks storage space then it’s important to consider a plan that will maximise the space to have to provide a sufficient amount of storage or if your use a mixed amount of technology and paper based work then it’s important to have an office that can easily be adapted to suit both.

      Thinking about ‘why’ you need the refurbishment will help you to understand and identify the ‘what’ you need include in the brief when you plan it yourself or when you discuss it with an office refurbishment business.

      What Reasons A Business Might Have For Needing a Refurb?

      Expansion And Growth

      Mergers, acquisitions or just a surge in natural growth or recruitment can mean more people into a space that may already be at it’s maximum. Offices spaces at their maximum and then trying to fit more people into the space can create an environment that’s not great to work in for employees and can also affect productivity. Refurbishing your office space can allow redesign and reorganisation to help you maximise your space and invest in furniture that maximises usage and storage.


      Not all businesses are hiring sometimes staff leaving, redundancies or lay-offs can leave an office with empty seats, having empty seats or spaces in offices can be demoralising to existing staff. Every business has to make concessions at times, but it’s important to reconfigure your space to make these changes less noticeable. A refurbishment no matter how big or small can allow you to expand work space for staff or create new zones in your office space such as meeting zones or chill out / break areas.

      New Or Upgraded Facilities

      In every office space sometimes it’s just time for an update. Whether your boardroom is looking dated, you’re wanting to create new spaces for your staff to take advantage of and enjoy or you’re wanting to simply create a better and more modern office environment that meets trends, branding or technological updates than a refurbishment can breathe that new lease of life into your existing office space.


      Studies have shown that people who spend more than 8 hours in an office space that’s bland and dull can cause employees to suffer poor work rates, productivity and lowered staff morale. A change of scenery and an office environment that oozes life and gives employees a sense of pride and enjoyment working in that space can improve their work rate.

      Government Legislation And Health & Safety

      The Government are constantly bringing in new legislation, such as the Energy Performance of Buildings 2006 Directive and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, that can result in fines for non-compliance. Use your office refurbishment to comply not only with existing rulings but to put you in good stead for compliance with future legislation. Nobody wants to work in an unsafe environment. Tired offices can also be hazardous, so avoid any unwanted legal action by tackling problem areas.

      Improve Business Image

      Just as advertising and your website can sell your business to potential clients so can your office space, if you have clients and potential clients that regularly visit your offices then put yourself in their shoes and think about what sort of environment they see. Refurbishing your office space can give it a fresh and vibrant new look, remember to use branding, giving off a better presence and making it feel to clients that you’ve established your business’s home their. If you believe in your business customers will too.

      Every Office Is A Blank Canvas

      When it comes to refurbishment don’t keep thinking about what you might have already or how it currently works think of it as a blank canvas and start from scratch, think about the reasons for the refurbishment and what you really need to make your office space more usable and more work friendly.

      Understanding how to create the best work environment and office space can be difficult, by using an office refurbishment company they can work with you to best understand your needs and the needs of your business to maximise space and create office spaces that make your business stand out from the crowd and give your business an image to be proud of.

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