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    Office Refurb for City Trading Firm

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      City Office Refurbishment

      An office refurbishment and re-design for City firm Tower Trading, located in the former NatWest Tower building, now known as Tower42 on Old Broad Street, has completed. The 6000 sq ft office refurb has been a challenging project as the office has almost no turnaround space meaning all staff were in situ. Weekend working to refurbish the offices was the only solution. Micro-managed staff moves, to coordinate with the program of refurb works, ensured minimal disruption to the working week.

      TTG took the opportunity to re-stack the office layout design, adding to the glazed partitioning, renewing the staff teapoint, and re-carpeting. Design features added to the office interior included a hexagon theme applied to walkway carpets and seating fabrics, subtle graphics on the glass, and a more striking entrance reception with backlit reception desk.

      Sliding / Mobile TV Stand

      The reception design also includes a novel sliding screen TV surround, allowing access to riser doors without putting the flat screen on a pole mount or mobile TV stand. Behind the manifested surround is a sliding frame from our sliding whiteboard system. Fitting a TV screen to a sliding frame is a neat and tidy way to use space in front of riser doors, which would normally be a ‘dead’ area. Discreet sliding tracks are much less obtrusive compared to a TV stand making a screen mount easier to fit into an overall office redesign scheme.

      As well as cosmetic changes to the office layout design, sprinkler heads were reconfigured, power and data services adapted and extended, and new office furniture installed to increase the density of occupation.

      The office refurb project was spread over 6 weekends and the occasional evening session. Some staff were moved, some stayed in place. Re-carpeting was carried out without any decommissioning of hardware on desks (some desks have 8 large screens), including a market-making team who started work on Sunday evening.

      The final element of the Tower 42 office refurbishment has been an illuminated LED sign and wall graphic in the lift lobby. The landlords decoration was very neutral with a discreet sign that was easy to miss. The new design has a very large scale city image together with a back-lit wayfinding sign.

      Fusion carried out the landlord liaison to gain approval for the works including the lift lobby re-design, secured building regs approval, and coordinated work with landlord approved sprinkler and smoke detection contractors.

      A city office refurbishment is a challenging exercise. The new design scheme is unveiled in a slow-moving process, with each Monday revealing more of the office redesign until the final weekend when it all comes together as a finished, refurbished, office. The challenges of scheduling the refurbishment around a working office, particularly in the heart of the City in a landmark building, all add up to the need for the closest supervision and project management.

      Contact Fusion Office Design to get advice and information on managing a City office refurbishment or any project involving office refurbishment in occupation.