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    Colour Coding the Office

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      Organise your Office Space with Colour Coding

      Colour coding in the office is a quick and intuitive way to make sure you find what you need. If you are new to colour coding don’t worry! It’s easy once you get started. Colour coding can easily rev up performance in your office space.

      Be Colour Purposeful

      It is easy to want to order every colour in the office stationary supply catalogue, but keep in mind that colour enhances the function of a workspace when it has purpose. The goal is to be colourful but not colour purposeful.

      A great starting point for adding meaningful colour coding is with your filing system. First determine the major categories or groupings of information you need to file and then assign a particular colour to each grouping. For example, assign green files for the customer categories, red for financials and yellow for forms. The materials held in hanging folders with corresponding coloured interior folders will be virtually impossible to misfile, since different colours stick out like a sore thumb.

      Save Time When Filing

      Adding a colour coding index strategy to a filing system is an enhancement that saves time in both retrieving and filing information. This can be especially helpful when dealing with large file categories such as clients, vendors or product lines. Each alphabet letter is assigned a specific colour which visually breaks the file drawer down into a smaller section of coloured bands, this makes misfiled folders easy to spot. Product selection in hanging files, folders and labelling products offer enough variety of colour for minimal repetition in both lettered and numbered systems.

      Use Colour as a Visual

      People can recognise colour much faster than they can read a text, so incorporating colour is another opportunity for improving efficiency with colour. For example, action files such as:

      • To Do
      • Pending
      • Waiting for Follow Up

      Can all be contrasted to each other by using a different coloured folder. Before long you will start to recognise the colour by colour rather than file name.

      This also works well if you are working on several projects at the same time, assigning a different colour coded project file for each one will make fast work of finding the one you need through the workday. Using heavy duty, coloured portfolios or poly envelopes are good options when transporting documents to specific meetings, other departments and off-site locations. Not only does this keep the material your transporting secure during transit, but each distinct colour identifies the specific transport purpose making the materials easy to find wherever they are.

      Adding a small amount of colour coding to your world is sure to improve not only the function within your workplace but is more likely to improve your view. Save time and reduce stress caused by misfiled information by using colour coding in your filing system.

      To find out more about colour coding, give our team a call here at Fusion Office Design we are always available to take your calls, discuss your specific needs and requirements, along with discuss our office fit out service and office design services.