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    Horizontal Sliding White board System

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      Horizontal Sliding White boards For i6 at Farnborough Airport.

      i6, based at Farnborough Airport, have chosen the horizontal sliding white board system from Fusion Office Design. Our sliding white board system meets a number of requirements for i6, an international software/services company for the aviation refueling market. The fantastic buildings at Farnborough do suffer from a problem with direct sun angles at various times of the year as dazzling sunlight streams directly in through the atrium. This direct sunlight has an impact on users and computer screens but understandably it wasn’t easy to conceive of a solution for the whole building.

      horizontal sliding whiteboard system

      Several departments work on the 1st floor which seems most affected. The large atrium space and balustrade don’t encourage a solid wall so our sliding whiteboards serve the role of sun screen as well as providing large whiteboard surfaces that are integral to all 3 departments in the vicinity.

      The floor to ceiling sliding whiteboards are designed to have branding graphics on the atrium face. i6 are designing the style and appearance once the boards have settled in.

      sliding whiteboard wall system

      As the whiteboards  slide easily to any position they don’t overly cut across the principle of the buildings architecture which is an open atrium. The whiteboard system was installed in a matter of hours, outside normal office times, without any disruption. The huge increase in whiteboard surface will be a great help to the Finance, Software and Development departments.

      Sliding White board Wall

      As these whiteboards slide horizontally they can be positioned to obscure direct sunlight as needed. The continuous tracks allow the boards to slide the entire length of the atrium, and each department can have boards in their section or just use them as a communal facility. Our sliding white board wall system is track mounted with all the weight loaded onto the base track. The top track is simply a guide and has negligible weight so install is easy with no impact on the base build or ceilings. The system is easy to install, can be retro-fitted without any difficulty, and many clients move the sliding whiteboards around a building from one set of tracks to another as teams are relocated.

      This image from Farnborough shows the sun angles on the buildings and helps to explain how the direct sunlight has an impact.

      Fusion install our horizontal sliding whiteboard system around the world. Recent installations in North America, Singapore and the UK have all gone smoothly. To see more of our sliding whiteboard walls click here or contact Fusion for more information.