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    How To Create a Space Where Everyone Can Work

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      How To Create a Space Where Everyone Can Work

      Today the typical UK office is more diverse than ever before, it’s not uncommon to walk into an office space and see a variation of different generations at their desks. Employees from all over the world contribute to the UK economy with a workforce being a broad variety of different shapes, sizes, abilities and cultural preferences.

      Taking this into account, office designers must put together very detailed plans when designing an office space ensuring that everyone’s requirements can be met.

      As well as being more diverse, today’s workforce is also more demanding and dissatisfied, physical injuries in the workplace have reduced, but mental health issues are increasing. Working days are being lost due to colleagues suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, this is costing the economy more than ever before and contributing to productivity crisis.

      Companies are currently reviewing the work environment itself and considering ways this may improve colleague wellbeing.

      How can design improve the wellbeing of employees?

      Research has shown that whatever age, gender, ability and culture of the employee, having a sense of control is a key driver of wellbeing and happiness at work. This includes control over work-life-balance, time, tasks, interactions with others and patterns of commuting, but this also relates to immediate surroundings, opening the way for workplace design.

      Having control over individual physical environmental conditions, for example heat, light and air, the choice of different workspace types, freedom to adjust the workstation and personalisation and participation in the design process itself, has all been said to improve the office way of life.

      All of these requirements are now evident in all workplace schemes, the rise of intelligent buildings with new technology are increasingly supporting to enable the physical environment to respond automatically to the needs and preferences of the people working inside, this holds the promise of giving more control to employees.

      Further studies have shown that physiological comfort in the workplace, such as territory, privacy, trust, control, attachment and belonging, also improves mental wellbeing. Previous research has involved testing visually enriching objects like plants and photographs in the office, the speed and accuracy of work improved compared to tests without.

      Getting to know employees

      A popular way of office design for workforce wellbeing has been to separate the office population by age, some evidence suggests that older workers have particular problems with noisy open plan offices. A recommendation of this could be that dedicated spaces to concentrate and recuperate are provided. Further information confirms that either way, open-plan distractions and the exhausting grind of the office life affect all age groups. Experts have expressed the need to analyse their employees at work, looking at what they do and how they interact with the building.


      How we can help

      At Office Fusion, we provide efficient, creatively designed office spaces to suit your every requirement. We incorporate your employees’ needs into our designs ensuring that we supply a positively enriching space for colleagues, to inspire their work and encourage initiative.

      Our services include a structured and integrated approach through our expert team who encompass innovation into everything they do. So what are you waiting for, call our team today and make your office dreams come true!