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    Mobile Whiteboard Partition installation

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      Mobile Whiteboard Partition installation in new HQ Building

      A new west London HQ has been fitted with our mobile whiteboard partition system used as sliding whiteboard doors to screen off a breakout team space. The full-height sliding whiteboards are track-mounted and installed on 3 sides of the team space.

      These mobile whiteboard partitions are double-sided because the client intends to use the very large dry-wipe surfaces both within the enclosed space and on the two open areas either side.
      The flush-fitting base track is completely level with the carpet ensuring there’s no trip hazard in the 3 doorways.

      Partition whiteboards aren’t designed as a sound-sealed door but do work as a closure to eliminate the visual distractions of other staff in the breakout area. As the panels slide they still work as whiteboards if the doors are ‘open’ or ‘closed’, unlike a hinged door. The double track allows additional mobile whiteboard partitions to be added at any point.

      The Fusion mobile whiteboard partition system works without the need for solid walls, although in this installation the client chose to build a part enclosure. If the solid partition hadn’t been installed the sliding mobile whiteboard partitions could create a fully flexible space which would be fully open when not in use. The corner head track shows how whiteboard partitions could be placed to create an enclosed brainstorm space that also allows a complete opening-up by sliding the partitions away.

      These whiteboard partitions for brainstorming use solid magnetic whiteboards, which are an option within our system. The whiteboard partitions can also be specified with semi-transparent dry-wipe boards that allow natural light to be maintained, or magnetic glass whiteboards. Partitions can be specified as full-height, or with partial gaps at the top and base.

      For more details on our mobile whiteboard partition system click here.