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    Office Breakout Seating Trends for 2019

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      You can expect to see more businesses proactively looking to do more from an employee wellbeing point of view in 2019. This means that office breakout areas will be one of the top priorities among business owners looking to enhance their offices to help motivate staff and boost morale across the company.

      When thinking specifically about breakout areas and more specifically about the seating, we often get asked about the best breakout seating for different office types. With that in mind, we thought we would take the time to look at the different seating trends for breakout areas in 2019.

      Breakout Booths / Pods

      One of the biggest trends you can expect to see in 2019 is breakout booths and pods, for employees to socialise more effectively during break and lunch times and before work for the early starters.

      These types of booths can also be used for internal meetings or meetings with clients, where a more casual, informal kind of workstation is needed.

      Personal Phone Booths

      Personal phone booths don’t necessarily have to be used for making phone calls, but they can come in really handy when you need a bit of privacy or somewhere to sit.

      They are lightweight, easy to move and can be personalised with different colours to match your company branding.

      Gamer Bean Bag Chairs

      A lot of businesses are going the extra mile when it comes to creating breakout zones for employees to truly unwind. This often means games consoles and gaming tables, such as ping pong and pool tables.

      Where games consoles are present, comfortable chairs are a must and bean bean gaming chairs are an excellent way to ensure maximum employee comfort when they play the consoles during break times.

      What’s best? You can take the chairs to exhibitions, trade shows and events to promote your brand. When the event is over, your branded gamer chairs will have a place to live and a purpose.

      Bean Bag Chairs & Personalised Bean Bags

      If you don’t have a great budget to work with or even much space, you could always opt for smaller, more conventional bean bags, like the ones above.

      Personalised bean bags are a popular, comfortable option for seating in breakout areas and don’t need to cost a lot of money. You’ll find custom printed bean bags in a lot of offices throughout the UK in 2019 as more and more businesses look to improve their office breakout areas for employees.

      Branded Deck Chairs

      Personalised, branded deck chairs provide a great way to inject your brand into the office, all the while providing comfortable, quirky seating for your staff

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