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Office Whiteboard Walls Installed

Office Whiteboard Walls

Our office whiteboard walls system has been installed in two open plan settings this month, in central London and in Halifax. The common aspect is both schemes use the whiteboards as sliding walls to divide office space and provide dry-wipe surfaces directly alongside open plan workstations.

whiteboard wall dividers

whiteboard office dividers

As a lightweight screen the sliding whiteboards are very easy to use, allowing staff to position the screens exactly where they are wanted to minimize distraction or retain vision, whichever is preferred.

whiteboard wall partitions

The sliding walls nest behind each other allowing the whiteboards to be closed up into a minimal group. When fully extended the whiteboard walls offer a very large writing area at the heart of the open plan, without in any way becoming a permanent block to vision, just a versatile work-support element.

sliding whiteboard screens

The project in Halifax for a UK clearing bank uses the whiteboard walls as a partial divider with the whiteboard stopping below desk height and short of the ceiling. For the London installation, at a web-based financial transaction company, the whiteboards are full height to completely screen off a utility space from the open plan. Images show how the whiteboard walls can be opened fully to allow open plan desk areas and the utility area to flow, particularly useful when a large team gathering needs to extend across the whole space.

whiteboard office screen

open plan sliding partitions

In day to day use the open plan sliding partitions work well to divide the two zones and are a popular focal point for team working as small groups gather to develop ideas and processes. Using whiteboards to support new ways of working is a great way of bringing the conventional (a whiteboard) up to date as a means to energise the office and make it less static, more adaptable.

moving office walls

To see more details on ourĀ whiteboard office walls click here, or contact Fusion Office Design for advice or quotation on the system.