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    How to Prepare For An Office Redesign

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      How to Prepare For An Office Redesign

      Spring is finally here, so maybe it’s time for a Spring clean, or you’re getting your office space ready for a total renovation. Read our latest blog post by our team at Fusion Office Design, we are more than happy to help you with your office spaces; office refurbishment, fit-outs and office design. Get in touch today if you would like to find out more.

      Office spaces can be big and with people spending a lot of time at their desk, you can accumulate a lot of items that could make your work space look cluttered and untidy, sometimes even unclean.

      To help with the big Spring clean we have put together an office ‘clear out’ list to help…

      How many people work in your office?

      Before working on an office redesign and renovation, you need to distinguish how many people work at the premises. This may seem like a simple task, but with staff taking time off, working from home, job sharing and hot desking, the list can vary every day. It will help you to come up with a number of desks and other office equipment you need, you may be able to lose some workspaces which will make more area in your office and also reduce your costs, as there’ll be no need for you to purchase more stock.

      Office requirements and future proofing

      By investigating your office space and what the areas are used for you can put a plan together, which incorporates the design and functions in your new renovation. By examining your office you can designate storage areas, breakout spaces, conference and meeting rooms, meaning your office area is maximising its full potential. As well as this, with the office world becoming more paperless every day, you could possible lose some storage areas as they won’t be required anymore, meaning you can create  more space for your staff.

      Furniture efficiency

      Before your new office design, it’s important to carry out an assessment on your current furniture, this will allow you to decide which pieces you would like to keep. By doing this you will also find spaces which are occupied by unnecessary furniture, meaning you can reuse this space for something productive. Upgrading your furniture provides a range of benefits for your staff, including comfort, which contributes to wellbeing and if your employees are happy, then they’ll be more productive.

      Space planning

      Planning your office is planning your space, your first step should be to consider an accurate plan of your current workplace, you can then use this, along with the other information you’ve collected, to plan and design a new layout. Knowing the furniture you require will allow you to include this in your layout, meaning you won’t over or under buy and there is an exact spot for everything. Vital areas to include are fire escape routes, wheelchair accessibility and the required space for each employee, which are legal requirements.


      By undertaking these simply activities, you are adhering to the needs of your staff and also improving your office space by making it more effective and productive.